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At American Excess Insurance,
membership means more than a way in.

We bring together experts in hospital and health system risk management to assess current trends and plan for the future. Member representatives and the team at American Excess Insurance share their knowledge and expertise to help in decision-making, preparation and management.

American Excess Insurance is an organization focused on the success of each member, knowing that every win benefits the whole and every loss stings. The group collectively underwrites risk and covers claims. When costs are contained, members protect and grow their investments.

Through education and collaboration, hospitals and health systems, and their professional representatives are strengthened. Relationships are built and reinforced. Members talk to one another individually and in groups, building a network of reliable resources that are available on short notice.

Hospitals and health systems face complex and inconsistent challenges. American Excess Insurance equips those systems to prepare for and respond to circumstances that extend beyond daily issues. Together, we remain strong.

American Excess Insurance represents 25 healthcare systems, 236 hospitals (including children specialty hospital medical centers), more than 3,500+ facilities (including 70+ reference labs), and more than 16,000+ employed physicians nationwide.

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