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Awards and Grants Resource Center

More than two decades ago the American Excess Awards & Grants Program was developed to recognize the achievements and support the ongoing efforts of our members to improve patient safety and implement quality initiatives that positively impact the clinical and operational outcomes of our member organizations. Today, known as the Lighthouse Awards program, dozens of projects and ideas have been showcased as true examples of Excellence through Innovation.

Financial awards provided through this program have helped to support and facilitate the implementation of nearly one hundred projects since its inception. Consideration is focused on innovative projects and practices that impact risk management, patient safety and quality.

Begin by selecting the appropriate application for your submission:

Award Application

Award applications are for completed projects that have implemented effective practices which successfully promote patient safety or reduced liability, and can be shared as best practices with other members.

Grant Application

Grant applications are for proposed projects designed to improve quality and patient safety, and that also yield measurable best practices that may be shared among the American Excess membership.

Grant Reimbursement & Interim Report

Leading positive change, forward-thinking and innovation. These impact patient safety, clinical quality improvement, and reduce risk exposure. Grant winners are champions of change.

Follow these 4 steps during your 18-month window to request grant reimbursement.

  1. Complete the Grant Reimbursement Form Opens PDF in a new tab.
  2. Provide receipts and a health system W9.
  3. Complete the Interim Grant Status Report Opens PDF in a new tab.
  4. Mark your calendar to provide us with updates and receipts at least quarterly.

Submit the above items to your Corporate Risk Management department for signature and forwarding to us.

Past Winners

See a summary of examples from prior winners to help you with your application.

How To Guide

Step-by-step instructions for award and grant application processes.


Get the answers the questions most frequently asked by award and grant applicants.

Communication Resources

Everything you need to raise awareness about the American Excess Insurance Exchange Awards and Grants program including a handy roll out guide with helpful tips.                                     

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