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Robust Data.

Powerful Results.

American Excess Insurance gathers, distills and distributes a variety of reports that can inform member decision-making.

The organization maintains one of the largest professional liability databases in the nation, with nearly 150,000 claims and $5 billion in incurred losses. The database includes HPL, PPL and GL claims data, and covers 23 states. Information in this database is used to produce an annual benchmark report of demographic, claims and performance metrics. Each report is tailored for the individual insured and provides metrics for each insured and for all policyholders combined. Members use this report to share data, analyze claim trends and identify their position in the industry.

The report provides exposure count information, policy structure (limits and retention), trends in employment of physicians and other general demographic indicators for each member (anonymously), which allows member organizations to compare themselves to the group of policyholders.

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