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Award Application

Award applications are for completed projects that have implemented effective practices which successfully promote patient safety or reduced liability, and can be shared as best practices with other members.

Grant Application

Grant applications are for proposed projects which are designed to improve quality and patient safety, and that also yield measurable best practices that may be shared among the American Excess membership.

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With resources and reputation on the line, members of American Excess Insurance remain current on today’s issues and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. We share data that matters.


The nature of risk management at this level requires a comprehensive approach – investigating in detail a variety of potential outcomes and solutions. American Excess Insurance brings profound insights and options to a range of topics.


When claims arise, you need experience and savvy. Our team will help.

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Meet Your Team

Meet the in-house team whose experience you can leverage.

Gain Advantages

Our approach to risk management is inventive and collaborative.

Discover Opportunities

Through awards and grants, we propel our members’ positions.


Connect With Us

Curious about what we do? Find out more.

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