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Risk Management


Innovative services customized to member needs


Comprehensive resources focused on professional & organizational development


Creating excellence by building trust

AEIX risk management services are designed to complement and enhance the risk management and patient safety capabilities of members. A dedicated consultant is assigned to each member system to assist them in identifying and mitigating potential risk exposures. AEIX goal is to align the member organization and aid in the efforts to improve clinical outcomes and reduce incidence of harm. The AEIX consulting team has valuable resources to customize individual plans to help members meet the rapid and challenging changes in healthcare today.

Comprehensive Risk Management Services

Healthcare is a dynamic industry, and helping our members stay ahead of the risk curve is paramount to success. AEIX risk management services are designed to complement and enhance the risk management and patient safety capabilities of each member organization. Rather than offer up a fixed menu of typical insurance company services, we recognize that each member is unique – not only in terms of structure, scope and resources, but also in the challenges and risk exposures they manage. Each member is assigned a dedicated risk consultant to partner with them in identifying and mitigating potential risk exposures. In addition, members have access to the entire AEIX Risk & Quality team. With more than 130 years of clinical and risk management experience, team members craft a portfolio of customized services for each member to help them achieve their goals of improving clinical outcomes and reducing the incidence of harm.

Unique Problems Require Extraordinary Solutions

Risk management is not a one-size-fits-all process. A continuously evolving environment makes it even more crucial that a solid understanding of each problem is part of every solution we offer. A full range of consulting services is available to each member, with not set limit on the number of hours or days:

  • High-reliability assessments of high-risk, clinical or operational functions/processes, either on-site, or remote
  • Customized educational programs designed to meet specific member requirements
  • High-level research and guidance relating to new services
  • Comprehensive evaluation of risk management program maturity and effectiveness

Professional Development

Successful risk management programs understand that maintaining a constant state of learning is the key to keeping a step ahead of the curve. The AEIX risk consultants help member organizations keep their edge with an array of products and services designed to inform, educate and engage:

  • Complimentary subscriptions to ECRI’s Healthcare Risk Control, an extensive set of on-line resources that address a broad range of risk management and regulatory compliance issues specific to healthcare
  • Multiple governance/educational meeting each year
  • Sharing of information, policies and best practices among members in a protected environment
  • Unlimited access (by phone or email) to assigned risk consultant as well as the full AEIX risk and patient safety consulting team
  • Custom online educational programs with member-driven content, (four to six webinars annually)
  • Monthly newsletter focused on current risk, quality, and patient safety issues

Building Partnerships that Inspire Excellence

Effective programs are based on trust. By promoting long-term relationships that are focused on mutual objectives, AEIX breaks down the barriers that can stifle innovation and side-track success. Through the implementation of shared agendas, members are able to collaborate, share, and foster an environment that enables those who participate to build programs that improve quality and safety while reducing overall risk. Using a team-based approach that includes both Underwriting and Claims, AEIX has the ability to offer a unique portfolio of services with the ability to not only respond quickly to changes in the environment, but also to comprehensively address the needs of each member.

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