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    AEIX members share data and can measure their performance against other similarly-sized systems within the RRG. Since 2004, Premier Insurance Management Services, Inc. (PIMS) has provided American Excess Insurance Exchange, RRG (AEIX) an annual benchmark report of demographic and performance metrics. This report provides summary data, outcome comparisons between member hospital systems, and provides greater transparency of the risk exposures in AEIX. These metrics offer AEIX insureds the ability to compare performance results in several categories to other AEIX insureds, anonymously, against the historical aggregated results of AEIX, and against published market metrics.

    The AEIX benchmark report includes claims frequency and severity comparative benchmarking. The report provides AEIX claims information and general demographic indicators, which allow member hospitals to compare themselves to the AEIX pool. Three high risk departments are evaluated for each member hospital and compared to AEIX including obstetrics, the operating room and the emergency department. Claim reserving accuracy, resource utilization, and member satisfaction are additional areas that are assessed during the benchmark project and included in the final report. The report also includes information regarding the financial health of the AEIX program.