American Excess Insurance Exchange RRG, (AEIX) is an alliance of sophisticated healthcare systems that own and manage their excess professional and general liability insurance program. AEIX was built by industry leaders to promote best practices, reduce risk, and share in the financial rewards of the company. Since its inception in 1990, AEIX has assisted in reducing the long term cost of excess liability insurance, and minimizing volatility associated with the commercial insurance markets. Excess or umbrella limits of up to $40,000,000 per occurrence are available.

AEIX is proud to announce it is celebrating its 26th year of providing hospital excess liability insurance to non-profit hospitals and healthcare systems across the United States. AEIX’s commitment to serving its owners’ needs and providing superior financial stewardship has enabled it to succeed where other insurers have failed. AEIX has not only achieved significant financial success for its members, but has also created industry-leading risk management and quality improvement collaboratives, resulting in long-term member satisfaction. “The keys to the success of AEIX are the commitment of its members to improving patient care, sharing best practices and maintaining a superior risk pool,” said AEIX president, Joelle Hren. “AEIX members are sophisticated hospitals and healthcare systems, providing direction in the design of policy terms, performance improvement initiatives, and financial management of the Company. They are committed to quality improvement, so their patients and their communities also benefit from the success of AEIX.”