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Claims & Litigation Management

Case Reviews

Best practices and comparative benchmarking

Litigation Resources

Access to national trial lawyers, highly qualified experts and consultants

Strategy Support

Partnering to contain outcomes in high value claims

Focused, Relevant Training

Educational seminars and litigation strategy workshops

The AEIX Claims and Litigation Team Partners with Members

  • Identify claims with the potential for high severity early, to make crucial, strategic, claims management decisions right out of the gate;
  • Offer national data and claims-related education to assist members with broadening their resources when navigating intricate, high value claims.
  • Launch full support and resources on high severity matters from the time an incident is realized up to and including the time of disposition;
  • Consult in the development of claim management guidelines, systems management, and protocols for internal management of claims;
  • Provide educational seminars and legal updates to ensure members’ access to the most up-to-date litigation strategy information available.

Claim Management

Adverse claim developments in the member’s primary insurance level can financially drain a healthcare system of much needed capital not easily replaced in today’s environment. In the face of rising defense costs and increasing severity of claim values, hospitals cannot overlook the importance of evaluating their internal claims management processes to ensure every efficiency is being utilized, and that strategic decisions are being made to achieve the best possible outcomes. To assist its members in those decisions regarding claims that threaten their excess layers of insurance, AEIX employs a Claims and Litigation Department comprised of skilled claims handlers with decades of healthcare liability claims experience.

Claims Resolution Caucus

AEIX hosts an annual Claims Resolution Caucus, a professional skills development program, for its member claims managers and their leading defense attorneys. 

For more information regarding the AEIX Claims Caucuses, please contact us.

Claims Scorecard Benchmarking

In order to ensure the highest degree of claims handling across the membership, AEIX deploys highly skilled claims professionals to review members’ claims management processes. The goal of such review is to gather information from all members and combine findings in order to provide the whole of the AEIX membership with suggestions for a Best Practices approach to critical claims management decisions. Such critical claims management decisions include counsel and expert witness selection, witness preparation, reserving adequacy, trial strategy, and settlement negotiation.

Highly Experienced Claim Personnel

American Excess Insurance Exchange, RRG (AEIX) is a group of sophisticated, not-for-profit, healthcare systems boasting highly qualified in-house claims handlers overseeing pending claims within a self-insured retention (SIR).

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