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Awards and Grants

• Promote knowledge sharing

• Reward innovation

• Provide high level recognition

It is well established that organizations which reward process changes supporting high quality care are more likely to achieve and sustain such changes. Accordingly, AEIX annually provides a Risk Management Awards and Grants Program intended to positively impact the organizational behavior of AEIX members by providing:

1. Grants to AEIX members who propose to accomplish projects which are likely to improve liability-related patient safety and to yield best practices that may be shared among the AEIX membership; or
2. Awards to AEIX members who have implemented practices that successfully promoted patient safety, and can be shared as best practices with other AEIX representatives.

From a $75,000 annual budget, winners are typically awarded $10,000-$12,000 each to help with their departmental budgets. Winners receive recognition from their peers, as well as from system leaders. They also have the opportunity to share their project learning at the annual Breakthroughs conference hosted by Premier. The Breakthroughs conference is held in June and attracts over 3,000 people related to the healthcare business. In order to promote sharing best practices across AEIX, each member receives copies of all award applications to enable them to identify successful improvement projects which also might benefit their healthcare system.

For more information about the award and grant program please contact us.