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About AEIX

AEIX Benefits

•  Equity ownership – AEIX is a 100 percent policyholder-owned insurance company

•  Governance and engagement – ownership control, self-governance

•  Versatile captive products and capacity

•  Customized consulting services

•  Financial and operational transparency

AEIX is proud to be the insurance partner of choice for 148 hospitals, more than 2,500 facilities and more than 14,000 employed physicians nation-wide.  AEIX has distributed $330.5 million (35 percent of total written premium) back to the members, current and former, since 1990. This financial success has been driven by a collaboration of high quality organizations committed to improving patient safety, transparency, and sharing of best practices.  As an extension of the owners’ individual self-insurance programs, AEIX is achieving lowest costs through financial performance, operational efficiency, long-term stability and superior claim paying ability.


As a reciprocal, policyholders (members) of AEIX own and govern the company. Governance of AEIX is carried out by an executive board of directors and two sub-committee’s that convene separately three times per year. The executive board (SAC) is formed of CEO’s and executive officers from the member systems. AEIX has two advisory sub-committees, the Finance Advisory Committee (FAC) which is formed of finance officers and the Insurance Advisory Committee (IAC) which is formed of risk managers, claim managers and general counsel from the member systems. These committees oversee and make decisions on many aspects of AEIX including strategic planning, investment portfolio, policy management and future quality initiatives. The collaborative and peer group nature of the committees create an environment of transparency, collaboration, and best practice sharing. Ownership provides financial equity, continued control of self-insurance strategies and fosters an environment of operational transparency and long-term partnership.

AEIX Corporate Structure:

American Excess Insurance Exchange, RRG (AEIX) is a Vermont-licensed, reciprocal risk retention group (RRG) which has provided coverage and consulting services to its members for 30 years. Strong governance and sharing of best practices are cornerstones of AEIX. AEIX has three governing committees (the executive board and two sub-committees) which meet multiple times each year. These committees manage the strategic direction of the company, financial transparency, coverage and policy as well as innovation in healthcare risk management and quality services. AEIX contracts with Premier Insurance Management Services Inc. (PIMS) for management of the reciprocal RRG. For more about PIMS, please visit About PIMS.