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Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth   


Sylvia Moss Brown Award for Excellence

“Placental Phlebotomy: A Unique Way to Draw Admission Labs”

Implemented a process to obtain admission labs for Very Low Birth Weight infants from the maternal placenta. Goals were to decrease the need for blood transfusions, the need for vasopressors, unwarranted antibiotic use, and pain associated with peripheral lab collection. Project realized a dramatic increase in the percent of neonates admitted to the NICU that had admission labs collected from the placenta. 


Eisenhower Medical Center 


“Zone Nursing Improves Quality”

Project involved the reconfiguration of staff workflow and patient assignments moving from a centralized nurse’s station to color coded zones located in closer proximity to their patients. Measurably improved their HCAHPS scores, reduced patient falls, and saw a fifty percent reduction in the timeliness of call light responses.




“Development and Implementation of a System-wide Moderate Sedation Policy and Procedures aka How Deep is the Sedation?”

Utilized a multifaceted approach to standardize the moderate sedation process and ensure provider competencies. Developed a toolkit (Smart Block) to guide practitioners through the documentation of their responsibilities during the pre, intra, and post sedation periods.  


Baystate Noble Hospital 


“Chlorehexidine (CHG) A New Option for Gynecologic Patients” 

Project involves addressing an uptick in the number of vaginal surgical post-op infections by replacing the standard Betadine prep with the off-label use of Chlorhexidine (CHG). Requested grant monies to implement staff education and vaginal prep competencies to improve outcomes. 


Long Beach Medical Center, Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach


“Novel Use of Interactive “Surgical Check List” White Board to Increase the Perioperative Safety Climate & Improve Surgical Team Safety Attitudes & Satisfaction”

Requested grant monies to purchase “Timeout” interactive white boards for the surgical suites to improve communication amongst the team members and reduce variability in the process. Also plan to conduct a safety attitudes survey of the staff to identify opportunities for improvement on their journey to high reliability.

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