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    AEIX Products and Services:

    AEIX offers excess and umbrella insurance contracts as well as reinsurance contracts for self-insured healthcare professional and general liability programs.  Through its financial strength and A rated reinsurance partners, AEIX offers up to $60M in limit capacity to its members. The AEIX members maintain broad self-insurance strategies with versatile insurance product needs. AEIX seeks to be the lead insurance carrier excess of the member’s self-insurance program. The AEIX consulting services include, but are not limited to:

    • Claims management
    • Risk and quality management
    • Captive management
    • Benchmarking and data collaboration

    The AEIX services are collaborative and customized for each member. The professional team of AEIX consultants serve as a valuable addition to the member’s internal management team. AEIX is a center of excellence in defending and managing the worst of liability claims.